If you’ve ever seen the strange looking, blank eyed faces painted throughout the neighbourhood, then you’ve seen Earthfolk–a local artist and ACAD alumnus known in particular for his mural and street art projects. His work varies in medium and content, but may be generally described as a mash-up of characters, icons, and text that form a peculiar relationship with each other to explore a range of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual themes.

“The Sunnyside, Hillhurst, and Kensington neighbourhoods have been integral in my development as an artist, particularly in regards to public murals. Having been given numerous opportunities to paint in such a positive, cultured, and diverse area of Calgary is great exposure, great experience, and has enabled me to stay engaged with the public. I’m grateful and excited to see that the overall enthusiasm for urban art-forms seems to be growing, though I have mixed feelings about the impending effects of gentrification in the area. Such opportunities continue to be an uphill pursuit and there remains a lot of pressure to produce bland and “friendly” work with little to no artistic integrity. I’ve been extremely lucky, so I encourage everyone to support local artists.” – Earthfolk (Find out more about this amazing artist at