Ara Shimoon

I’m digital graphic artist with over ten years of experience. I’ve focused primarily on print, but don’t limit myself to one medium. I’ve helped a range of businesses to launch websites, cross-medium advertising campaigns and product packaging. My experience doesn’t end with project management – I’ve been energetically designing and photographing for all, if not most of my life. My first passion is type, but photography and illustration is a close second. Through my career I’ve explored the facets of minimalist art and learned from the masters of the craft who inspire me.

Developed and put to the test for over a decade, I have the skills to help brand your business. Offering a full array of design services from logo and stationary development, portrait and setting photography, to establishing and deploying advertising campaigns – I am willing and capable to consult on the full package. I also willingly offer to educate my clients to take control of their brands by teaching them how to use tools such as: WordPress, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and basic photography tricks – rather than paying top dollar to a designer.

I thrive in simplicity and neatness and strive to expose the core of what makes your business click: you.


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