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Calgary’s Flourishing Heavy Metal Scene

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for Calgary’s local music, particularly heavy metal. I was invited to shoot photos of local acts: Detherous, Red Cain, Hazzerd, and Osyron who all performed at Dicken’s Pub on Friday, November 3rd 2017.

Calgary has a rich and talented music scene, and it needs your support!

Check out the full gallery on my Flickr page below:

Heavy Metal in Calgary

Chasing the Milky Out Near Bragg Creek

Funny story, I’ve never been to Forgetmenot Pond during the day. It’s my go-to place for night photos especially considering that it’s only a 45 minute drive from Calgary city limits.

I was having some trouble with the exposures of my photos until the friend I was with asked if I had my UV filter on. I quietly removed the filter and carried on with the night. Lots of shooting stars!













Benevolent Like Quietus

Calgary has a vibrant local music scene, and part of that scene is a band called Benevolent Like Quietus (BLQ).¬†I’ve seen this band a few times and they keep getting better and better. I’ve shot photos of them three times before, but this was a special night: on April 8, BLQ was the opening band at the Gateway at SAIT for Caspian and show¬†headliners, Katatonia.

Super proud to call these guys friends. Congratulations to BLQ for this awesome milestone.

BLQ at the Gateway

BLQ at the Gateway

BLQ at the Gateway

BLQ at the Gateway

BLQ at the Gateway

BLQ at the Gateway

BLQ at the Gateway

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