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#Sunnyside365 May 29, 2016


It’s sidewalk poetry season in Sunnyside! The wonderful folks at the Pooh Corner Tiny Library are inviting everyone to come down and add some lines to the sidewalk! Yes In My Back Yard!

#Sunnyside365 May 28, 2016


“His name is Capone. He’s three years-old. He loves making new friends!”

#Sunnyside365 May 27, 2016


Rain pours on empty swings in the playground at New Edinborough park. When the first homesteaders arrived in this part of the world, they named their newly established home ‘New Edinborough’. The name stuck, and the city has seen a dramatic change in the past century.

#Sunnyside365 May 26, 2016


“I remember back when I was a kid, my uncle used to pick up ‘Chicken On The Way’ on his way home from work sometimes. Sometimes my parents worked a bit late, and my uncle would come over to look after my brother and I. He was never much of a cook, but he really knew how to eat. Chicken On The Way kind of ruined french fries for me because I was always comparing other fast food places to them. I was always left disappointed that they didn’t have that flavour. I’m told it’s because they fry everything in the same fryers, it’s what gives all their food that chicken-y taste.

What’s funny is that I’ve eaten their food hundreds of times, but didn’t actually set foot in the restaurant until I was in my mid-twenties. It seemed like somebody was doing a food run and suggest it and I’d just tell them what I want. I can’t think or look at that building without thinking of my uncle showing up at our house with a few boxes of chicken, fries, and those amazing fritters.

I think that if anybody comes to visit Calgary, they should have the food there. They’ve been in business for over 60 years! It just goes to show that Calgarians sure love their incumbents!”

#Sunnyside365 May 25, 2016


After a rainy May long weekend, residents of Sunnyside and Hillhurst are gung-ho for some sunshine and patios.

#Sunnyside365 May 24, 2016


“I used to live in Sunnyside. Yeah, a while a go, but it got too expensive. I’m up in Crescent Heights now. I think that neighbourhoods around Sunnyside are gonna really grow in the next couple of years, considering that people want to live downtown, but they can’t afford the boutique-iness of somewhere like Kensington. I’m still down at Higher Ground all the time though…”

#Sunnyside365 May 23, 2016


“We want to grow old in this neighbourhood. We want to have our kids grow up and play street hockey, or trick-or-treat with other kids. We want them to walk to school, have birthday parties, and ride bikes. There’s nothing like the sound of kids playing–it gives such an energy. It’s the sound of life.”

#Sunnyside365 May 22, 2016


Wild roses are in bloom on the McHugh bluff. It’s a dreary and soggy May long weekend, but the flowers add a beautiful splash of colour to the world.

#Sunnyside365 May 21, 2016


The Fairy Tales Film Festival returns to Kensington! The Fairy Tales Presentation society is a non-profit, charitable organization celebrating national and local artists through film! This year’s film festival runs from May 20–28. More information can be found at:

#Sunnyside365 May 20, 2016


“Yeah, this City has so much going for it. There’s so many musicians, artists, bands, groups, events, clubs, meet ups… If you don’t find something, you’re obviously not looking. It’s so amazing to be grandfathering into this new era that Calgary is coming into. There’s so many exciting things happening in this city.”

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