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#Sunnyside365 March 31, 2016


“We’ve been taking down some of the sick trees up and down the neighbourhood. They’re gonna rip up the sidewalks and fix them all up, it’s just the first step. This piece got stuck in the chipper, so we had to shut it down and saw it out. Yeah, it’s a good day to be out here: the sun is shining, it’s nice out, everyone is looking good.” Shane.

#Sunnyside365 March 22, 2016


“Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it should be torn down. What gives this place its rustic look? I mean, how long until everything looks like a patchwork of cosmopolitan, show-home magazine photos?”

#Sunnyside365 March 17, 2016


“I love the development in this neighbourhood. We need it. Badly. I mean, with the insane cost of business for some of these folks here–we need the residents.

And another thing: more people in the neighbourhood means more demands on services. Maybe some of these businesses will have an incentive to stay open later. I mean, do have any idea how far I have to walk to get a pack of smokes after 9pm?”

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