“When this church was built around 100 years ago, they called it a ‘7 day-a-week Church’. I think that says a lot about the vision they had back then and how we carry it now. It’s built in this fashion as per the way they used to build Presbyterian churches in a rotund style.

Oh this neighbourhood? I like seeing people on the streets, I like the coffee shops, restaurants…

Yeah, the people. I like seeing diversity. The other thing I like is the river and the Peace Bridge. I like seeing people on the river, floating by and enjoying it. I moved here from the suburbs and I live in Hillhurst, on 21st, which is on the bike path. When I look out the window and see people cycling I think to myself ‘I love this.’ People in the neighbourhood want to be here and share it with others.” John Pentland, Lead Minister, Hillhurst United Church.

“I like the diversity. People feel welcome here in this community. It’s a really positive place to be yourself and feel at home. People feel like it’s okay to knock on our door and ask questions. It’s something that we really support–diversity, open-mindedness, and support. It’s a community and it’s home. They’re all things I really feel in this neighbourhood and this church, especially being a newcomer to the community.” Danielle Ayana James, Minister, Hillhurst United Church.