“This summer we’re into Kensington! The City of Calgary, in partnership with the Kensington Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ), will be implementing improvements to Kensington’s public realm. The project will focus on redesigning and replacing the streetscape of Kensington Road N.W. between 10 Street N.W. and 14 Street N.W. and on 10 Street N.W. between Memorial Drive and 5 Avenue N.W.
Improvements will include the replacement of ageing infrastructure like, sidewalks, trees, street lights and street furniture to provide safer mobility in the area for all.

Currently the sidewalks in Kensington are suffering from broken or missing interlocking paving stones. By replacing the paving stones with new concrete The City will eliminate trip hazards for pedestrians and provide a uniform look for all sidewalks in the area.

Many of the trees in the Kensington area are old and dying which results in high maintenance costs every year. These old or dying trees will be replaced. Additionally, tree trenches will be installed under the sidewalk. Tree trenches provide extra room for tree roots to grow and hold rain water to keep the tree healthy.

Energy efficient LED street lighting and pedestrian lighting will be installed on 10 Street N.W. and Kensington Road N.W. Pedestrians account for much of the traffic in Kensington, providing pedestrian street lighting will enhance safety and allow citizens to enjoy Kensington once the sun goes down.

Street furniture including litter receptacles, bike racks and newspaper corrals will be installed. The installation of benches, where space is available, is also being considered by the project team.

Planning meetings between The City, BRZ and community members have occurred over the past year and will continue until construction begins. Once a contractor has been selected a more detailed construction schedule will be available. The first phase of construction is scheduled to begin in September. Efforts will be made to minimize the impact to local businesses during construction.
September/October 2015: First phase of construction begins.
Summer 2016: Construction continuation on 10 Street N.W. and Kensington Road N.W. Additionally, tree installation will take place throughout the entire project area.
Fall 2016: Construction completed.” City of Calgary Website.

“Maybe somebody should go out and shoot a ‘Before-and-after’ photo, eh?” Point taken, see you in a year!