“You want an idea as to how fast things change? Think about this: what if I told you that everybody in the city has their names, addresses and telephone numbers all compiled into a book and then distributed to every house, business and telephone booth in the Calgary. Yeah, we used to call it the white pages and people didn’t blink twice about having their personal information out in the open like that–in fact, it was considered convenient to be able to be looked up in that fashion.

If you tried to do the same thing now, it would be a hassle. Think about that. Times have changed so fast, society and communities have changed so fast, that the old ways seem completely alien to us. I wonder if we’ll be like that twenty years from now. We can’t freeze Kensington in time. We’ll all get left behind.” The telephone booth on the corner of Kensington Road and 10th Street NW stands in disrepair, a bygone relic of an era long passed.