“When the owner suggested putting a bar in the alley way, I was like, ‘What alley?’ As it turns out, this sort of thing exists all over the world. People re-purpose shipping containers for all sorts of things: homes, businesses, bars–you see it all over the place. So we stuck a shipping container in this spot and opened the bar up. Container Bar is just a cool pop-up use of an unused space. Our last regular day is Sunday, but through the Winter we’ll have special events.

Tonight was the Dandy Brewing takeover. Usually a brewery will take over the taps, but we only have one so they’re taking over the whole space–DJ and everything.

I’ve lived in this neighbourhood for years. I even used to work at Red Robin over on the corner (now where Julio’s Barrio is). I’ve always felt this neighbourhood is a small town within the city. You get to know a lot of people who hang out and work in the neighbourhood. I love that you can access everywhere just through walking.” Bill, Assistant General Manager, Winebar and Brasserie Kensington.