“reBox came from the merger of two businesses. I had a management consulting firm for about a dozen years and as a result of a client saying, “Hey, love the brand work, but now we need help telling the whole story.” So we merged with design company to create reBox. It’s been five years.

We were down in the south east for the first year, and then moved here to the Bower House in about 2012. I love the looks on faces of people when they walk by. This place totally fits our style: it’s funky, it’s casual, but still business. I’m a few blocks away from the river. I can walk downtown to meet with clients but I’m not part of the downtown. It’s the vibe of Sunnyside.

We bust our ass here, we work hard, but we also play. It’s not unheard of that we sit outside on a Thursday afternoon with a cold one. Is it a business or a house? The answer is “yes.”

Back in 1994… I think 22 years ago, my wife and I lived at the little 4 unit apartment place on the corner 9a and 2nd Ave. My wife and I were the caretakers of that building. It’s where the Pixel building is now.

What do I like about the community? It’s casual, it’s functional, it’s creative, it’s got personality. Yeah, that’s… I can go on forever but I’d keep coming back to those. It’s unique, it’s the history, it’s the heritage.” Robert Schmidt, Principle, reBox Creative.