“It’s our one year anniversary! I planned Pie Cloud so long before I opened it that it’s hard to believe sometimes that it exists. It’s really about our friends and neighbours who come here and support us. We’re really thankful for everyone’s support. This is our way of celebrating one year and saying thanks.

It’s really cool to see an idea take off and be a part of other people’s lives. It’s hard to believe for me that you make something up and it becomes important to other people.

Well, we’re eccentric people and we seem to have found like-minded people who are into what we’re doing here; people who aren’t looking for a franchise or that sort of thing. That’s what Kensington is. It’s a little eccentric place and that’s special.

I lived in Kensington back when I was in my 20’s, but moved into the suburbs when I had the kids. All these years later, I’m back here in the neighbourhood. There’s something about this place that just gets into you and stays. It’s kind of neat how it all worked out.” Maureen DePatie, owner of Pie Cloud (centre), with children Mason, (left) and Mackenzie (right). Pie Cloud is located at 314 10 Street NW.