“Norfolk Housing builds inclusive communities and we do that through mixed market housing. Our residents are from all kinds of backgrounds and really helps build that sense of community.

It was started 35 years ago here in Sunnyside, but we’re in Hillhurst and Sunnyside, and looking to expand into other neighbourhoods. One of the unique things that Norfolk does is treat all our tenants with the same respect and compassion. We’ve got our commercial tenants that help offset some of the costs and it really helps some of the residential tenants that are on fixed income. We have students, youth, moderate income families, seniors… I think diversity is the key to a healthy community and that’s what makes Hillhurst and Sunnyside so special. Mixed use and diverse incomes are important–we’re lucky that we’re so welcomed in this area by our neighbours.

When you don’t have a stable place to live, you can’t focus on looking after yourself. If you think about the effects that stable housing can have on children and families: it’s huge. There’s a lot of support from the community about looking after our vulnerable community members. We all want places that people are safe and can have the best opportunities they can. Calgarians are a really generous bunch. Sometimes it can be really tough, but it’s nothing compared to what some of our residents are going through.

We have 114 units and I think it translates to about 140 individuals. We served about 63 individuals last year.

I really like the diversity here. It’s a very welcoming place and the people here have a good understanding of vibrancy and community. We have a good relationship with our neighbours–I think it demonstrates that this is what it should be like: it’s a place that you want to cal home. It gives our residents the chance to live the best they can. We call contribute in one form or another.” Maya Kambeitz, Executive Director, Norfolk Housing Association.