“We specialize in Third World made art, folk art, and hand-made accessories. We travel all over the world buying items as directly as we can from small businesses, Fair Trade organizations, development projects. We originally started bringing in pieces from Central and South America, but now we buy from Nepal, Thailand and places in Asia.

We’ve been here on Kensington Road for twenty-two years.

This neighbourhood? I like that it’s, well… there’s a few things.

I like the mix here in Kensington. While being in the inner city, it has a friendly, walkable neighbourhood. It’s got the river, parks on all sides, a good mixture of small, independent businesses. It’s an older neighbourhood and it’s got a lot of great things here.

When I was a young child, my grandmother used to live up the hill, so I grew up in this area. I actually lived in the Sunnyhill housing co-op for a while.

There’s a lot of wonderful people here.” Steve Burger, Owner of MaƱana Imports, 1132 Kensington Road NW.