“You can sum up all the anxiety about all the new development from just looking at the trees in Sunnyside. They were planted a hundred years ago, and may have been tended and looked after well, but there was never a plan for what to do when they started dying and needing to get replaced. The people who planted them are long gone, and there’s all these new people who thought the trees would last forever.

Now we’re tearing them down because they’re rotting, but all the while new growth is trying to sprout all over the place without rhyme or reason.

All those gorgeous tall poplars that lined the streets are in need of care, but most importantly, they’re in need of a succession plan. Not a succession plan that we’ll see come to light in our lifetime, no. A plan that the next generation can carry on.

The same goes for how we all look after each other in the community, how we look after our elderly, our neighbours, our local businesses, the visitors… we need, we must plan to care after one another while we look to the future.

Is that too preachy for your project? If it is, just say something about how pretty the leaves are in Autumn, haha!”