“I started cooking when I was seven years old. My Dad is from Kingston Jamaica, my Moms side is from Dublin, Ireland–Both sides were huge into cooking.

I’ve worked in restaurants all over the place. I worked for Ceili’s, Joey’s Eau Clair, I worked in Vancouver, I worked at Pigeon Hole, I worked at Two Chefs And A Table in Vancouver.

El Charrito sold their restaurant here on 10th street and the space re-opened as ‘Le Bar.’ It wasn’t doing so well, so I came in and overhauled the whole menu. Now I’ve got Hugo over here, my boy John working the line and it’s going good.  The owner, Dave (of Deva Dave Salon & Boutique), took a chance on this concept and I think it’s amazing.

We serve Caribbean inspired fusion. We combine modern comfort food with a Caribbean influence. It’s our Grand Opening Weekend!” Jon Lea-Mills, Chef at Bodega Restaurant and Bar, 10th Street.