“This is actually the fourth structure on this site. St. Barnabas Church was first built in the late 1800’s, I’m guessing where Pushing Petals and Framed on 5th are at now.

The original wood structured church was built in 1906 and featured members of the Riley family in the congregation. That was knocked down and the first stone church was built in 1912. There’s a lot of history in these walls, especially considering that the church suffered a fire in 1957. The stain glass and woodwork behind the altar survived and were incorporated into the current church.

Thomas Riley and his wife Georgiana Hounsfield are interred in a tomb in the memorial garden out back. Ezra Riley’s daughter is also buried along side the tomb, she died at a year old.

We could spend a week going through all the dedications and guests that this building has had over the last century.” Gloria McCracken, Staff Administrator of St. Barnabas Anglican Church