“My business partner, Connor, founded Local Laundry about a year ago. He was in Sweden doing his MBA and while he was over there, he realized that he didn’t have anything to wear that repped’ Calgary. We partnered up back in November with the goal of inspiring pride of this city and the neighbourhoods people are a part of. We donate a part of our proceeds to local charities.

The Sunnyside and Kensington Shirts were designed by Erin Lawrence. She’s a graduate of ACAD and lives in the neighbourhood.

I love how much of a “Go out and do it.” attitude this city has. It’s very entrepreneurial. And Kensington–it’s super vibrant here. People in this community are really proud of where they live and work. It’s a destination of choice. Meraki Supply Co. has the Kensington and Sunnyside shirts, Luke’s Drug Mart has snap-back hats, and a place called ‘Stuff 4 Him’ has some of our items out in the belt line.” Dustin, Co-Founder of Local Laundry Apparel.