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#Sunnyside365 March 26, 2016


“We’ve been doing the Easter Egg Hunt for six years. There’s a couple of houses down the block that participate too. It’s a really great way for the kids and families to get together. Starbucks on Kensington has been really great in supplying the coffee. I think we’re gonna get some hot dogs going for the kids here pretty soon”

#Sunnyside365 March 4, 2016


Halifax’s own ‘King of Donair‘ shows up at Meraki Supply Co. with a pop-up shop! King of Donair is here with East Coast Lifestyle clothing to raise funds for the Calgary Children’s Hospital Foundation. Hundreds of people have showed up for a taste of the Nova Scotia donair legends.

#Sunnyside365 February 1, 2016


“For the YYC Hot Chocolate Festival we’re making a Red Velvet Hot Chocolate with a dairy free whip cream. It’s really nice.” Quickly Bubble Tea Cafe on 10th Street NW.

YYC Hot Chocolate Festival is on right now, with 9 of the 32 participating restaurants located in Hillhurst-Sunnyside. All month these businesses compete for popular votes as to who has the best hot chocolate. Proceeds going to Meals on Wheels.

#Sunnyside365 December 25, 2015


“Take time to enjoy the company of people you love, check in on the people you haven’t heard from lately. Look fondly back on past celebrations and find ways to celebrate with people in the future. We really need some more kindness in the world–it doesn’t matter what religion you are or what your upbringing is, people just need to be kind to each other: That’s what Christmas is about.”

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