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#Sunnyside365 June 19, 2016


Three years ago Sunnyside was hit with one of the worst floods of in it’s history. Hundreds of homes were flooded, resulting in a massive evacuation. People returned home to discover their homes totally flooded out, in some cases, mud all the ways to the basement ceiling.

Although the residents of this neighbourhood faced devastating losses and were left shellshocked in the floods aftermath, what truly astonishes the incredible outpouring of support from the community and the city at large. Entire gangs of volunteers systematically dove into the muddy basements and took on the job with an unspeakable level of determination, never asking for anything in return.

This truly is one of the most inspiring and wonderful communities that a person could call home.

#Sunnyside365 June 6, 2016


“I lived in this house right after I graduated from ACAD. I have no idea who painted the house… it was painted after left. I guess they kicked everyone out because the house was going to get knocked down, but that was years ago. I’m surprised that it’s still here and the art is still up.

I was in and out in less than a year. That was 2008. It feels so long ago, but also just like it was yesterday.

So much to say about the neighbourhood, where do I start….

I’m such an introvert but when I lived in this house I was such an extrovert. We were always in Riley Park, going to bars, seeing friends, getting together. I live in Sunalta now, but I love the art store here, the shops and going for tea.”

Chika Ando,

#Sunnyside365 June 23, 2015


“They’re going to tear it down and turn it into affordable housing for 25 people who have managed to get off the streets.The afgans and yarn bombing is a way to show thanks to what this house was and what it’s going to become – a home.” – Linda Hawke, President of the Board of This is My City Art Society (TMC)

Find out more about this project at: The Calgary Homeless Foundation.

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