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#Sunnyside365 June 11, 2016


Burger 320 in Kensington sets the definition of local: in-house made buns, Albertan beef, Mario used to run the Burger Inn down off Fourth Street SW, he’s born and raised in Calgary… the list just goes on. There’s no doubt– these cats make a solid burger.

#Sunnyside365 May 10, 2016


Alberta Burger Fest is on now!

This wicked creation is the Pie Burger from Pie Cloud. PieBurger starts with a crisp, savoury pie crust base. Inside rests a melange of everything one expects in a great burger – premium Alberta beef, Alberta bacon, house made barbecue sauce, cheese (smoked gouda and cheddar), fresh tomato and greens. Mixed amid those ingredients is one of our fave burger toppings, a perfectly cooked egg, as well as a dollop of onion jam we crafted with a bottle from Calgary’s own Dandy Brewing Company. A fresh-baked bun crowns the creation.

Burger Fest is a celebration of Alberta Agriculture, Talent and Business and Charity.

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