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#Sunnyside365 June 20, 2016


“I moved to the neighbourhood in May of 2000 after spending a couple of years up the hill in Mount Pleasant. I was a student at the time with lots of debt and very little income and I really needed a setting that met all of my needs: grocery, transit, and this neighbourhood met those needs. Since then it’s met more needs that I didn’t really know I had. Haha.

I met Ara in 2005 and we got serious in 2008. I think I’m the reason Ara came to the neighbourhood in the first place. We spent many hours walking around, drinking coffee, eating pho, and having breakfast at the Lido and the charms just rubbed off onto both of us more and more. Eventually we could see a future here and making a home and life and that dream has become a reality for us.

At first the things I liked most about this neighbourhood is the practical convenience of having everything in one place and not having to need a car to access services because before: I couldn’t afford a car. I still enjoy those attributes of the neighbourhood, but really it now includes: the friends I see on the street, the caring of our neighbours, and walking out your door and always finding a surprise. There’s always something happening. It’s quite delightful. I don’t think I’ll ever leave.” Debbie, ‘Mrs. Sunnyside365’ with Deedee (bottom left) and Marshall (top right)

#Sunnyside365 May 18, 2016


“With Maggie and sticks it’s, ‘Go big or go home.’ She’ll carry them all around the neighbourhood. I have to be careful when I call her sometimes when she’s got it in her mouth or she’ll take my knees out. She’s pretty hard to photograph because she’s so dark.”

#Sunnyside365 – June 22, 2015

“His name is ‘Mr. Puffkin.’ He’s special because he’s a survivor of Parvo. One time a coyote came up to him and sniffed his butt – other than that he’s not so special.”


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