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#Sunnyside365 June 3, 2016


“I’m a bike courier. I’ve been doing it for fifteen years, but it feels like twenty, haha. I come to Kensington to fuel myself with Roasterie Coffee. I actually live on the other side of the river, but I spend most of my time here. Yeah, I guess I live in Eau Claire.

What do I like about the neighbourhood… hmmm. Well, I like the giving nature of people here. Kensington is totally community minded. Also, it’s nice that I don’t have to hang out with my cats when I’m over here. Ha ha!” Markus.

#Sunnyside365 May 31, 2016


“This neighbourhood is connected everywhere with bikes. I can cruise down to Mission, Inglewood, Bowness, Bridgeland, and be in any of these places in a few minutes. You can go grab some ice cream at Village Ice Cream on 10th ave, and then swing back to the Folk Festival. It’s really amazing! We need more bike racks in the neighbourhood though!”

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