“I’ve been in menswear for fifty-two years. James and Dickson began in 1992, It was a result of us breaking up with our previous business partner. This location has been here since 2000–and we have had stores in malls around the city, but we closed them down to focus on this one.

We have a master tailor, Vince Novello is his name. He works up front in the store. Many stores have tailors who work behind the scenes or will have your measurements shipped out to an outside location. Vince was born and raised in Italy–he’s the real deal.

This neighbourhood? Oh my… Getting to know my customers has been a truly wonderful experience. I would say that we have quite a loyal core of customers: people who walk here from their homes or job sites in downtown. We feel like our customers have become friends. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve dealt with the same people for forty or fifty years… I would say that it’s really an inter-store relationship. Some of my life-long colleagues run their businesses in and around this store.” Terry James Mullin, Owner, James & Dickson Clothiers.