“When I came to town, oh, it must have been in ’74 or ’75. I moved to this neighbourhood from Medicine Hat and I never left. If I ever get lost, I can always find my way home.

I volunteer with the Women In Need foundation. I help them to organize and decorate. Haha, they don’t let me climb any ladders anymore. I say ‘God will tell me when to hang up my gloves.’ I love this neighbourhood and I love this city.

Yes, there’s changes. But there’s changes wherever you go. Something gets knocked out and then something new goes up, but the people here are all the same.

From what I can see it’s hard for people. Hard for the students, harder for the homeless… it’s tough. But this neighbourhood has a wonderful heart. I like the people at the Second Cup. I’m here every morning at 6am. If I don’t show up, they call my home to ask if I’m okay. I love dogs and I visit the dogs at LifeSport all the time.

A few years back I was robbed, but the people in the community really helped me out. I forget their names, but there’s a lot of really nice folks. I never stay mad at anybody. I like telling jokes. I say I’m 29 years-old and holding.

I enjoy just spending time with people. They say ‘We know you’re independent,’ (I’m 76 years old) ‘But let us help you’.

I want to smile for this photo, but my dentures broke.” Edna.