“I’m working on my Master Thesis in Social and Cultural Anthropology through the University of Vienna. The first thoughts for my Thesis was to study this city. Then I came across the BRZ concept and as soon as I got here, I thought I would start with Kensington. However, the more I talked to people, it felt more natural to study this neighbourhood closely. So I’m studying what makes this neighbourhood so unique: the business owners, the residents, the people.

When I first saw Calgary, I was terrified. My friend and I were driving from Whitehorse, down to Vancouver, through the mountains to Calgary and then on to Newfoundland. We were in Calgary and were broke and I had to find a job. I found a job in Kensington and we made enough to make our way through to Newfoundland. Not long after I returned to Calgary for a few weeks.

What I love about this neighbourhood is that I can come back and visit the places five years apart and it’s the same faces, the same regulars. It really is a special place in the world.” Marieluise. #Sunnyside365 would like to wish her good luck with her Master Thesis as she returns to Vienna the same day as this post!