“It’s a multi-disciplinary clinic. My focus has been a better quality of life for my patients, a lifelong quest for for better health. That’s where the name of the clinic comes from “Healthquest.” As soon as I graduated I opened this place. I have really been luck that my main team has been with me quite a long time. As of January it’ll be eleven years in this office.

We have five practitioners: myself as the chiropractor, one naturopath, and three massage therapists.

I love this neighbourhood. It feels like a small town in the middle of the city. The people here are always talking about how they mingle with their neighbours–for the businesses it’s the same thing. We all get to know each other. It’s also an active neighbourhood which is what I really love about it. Lots of walking, running paths, cyclists, that sort of thing. I treat patients from all over the city because everybody wants to come to Kensington.” Dr. Miranda Moen, left.

“I’ve been a massage therapist for about four and a half years. I’ve been in this clinic for about four of those years. I love the vibe of this neighbourhood. I love that there’s lots of shops and it’s a fun place to be.” Laura Dart, Massage Therapist, right.