“The first day of November marks our one year anniversary. It’s been great having the support of our customers and other local businesses. In the restaurant business: slow and steady wins the race and we’re in it for the long game.

Calgary’s steakhouses are typically male oriented. They’re synonymous with that vintage, old style look of the dining room and the menu. Modern Steak is a different approach, a newer, contemporary approach. We’ve been trying to establish a program with our menu and dining room to greet a new demographic, that’s why you see the room styled the way it is.

What do I like about the neighbourhood? Wow… We all get along. I know that sounds like ‘Kumbaya’, but we all get along, we all refer each other to our different businesses, we all help each other out. There’s no half-assed attempts in this neighbourhood. For example, Pulcinella does their thing, really, really well. Brasserie does their thing really, really well. It all goes to establishing really strong support with the other restauranteurs out here.

Other neighbourhoods could have a very cut-throat attitude, but in this community business owners help each other out. A lot of one-off business owners in this area and that’s what makes our place, and I’d say the whole neighbourhood successful.” Stephen Deere, Owner & Manager, Modern Steak