“We’ve lived here about three years. It’s kind of like a black hole, but in a good way, you know? You get sucked in and you never want to leave.

I like that this neighbourhood is exclusively home to the kind of people that I like the most. There’s a lot of really good people here and of course the food is great. The bars are all really awesome.

You know, it’s owners and management of the businesses that are amazing. People here are genuine, original–there’s really solid people who run the businesses down here and look after their customers.

The car? This is a 1992, BMW 318i. It’s one of four hundred made in this colour. There’s no other car like it in the city. I heard there’s one in Vancouver, but otherwise it’s super unique. I think it’s well received by people in the neighbourhood. I think we’ve been really spoiled by the good weather so I brought it out.” Brendan