“I started The Real Calgary Street Paper as a protest in ’97. I continued doing it because there’s a lot about society that required some serious analysis and thinking.

You see, there’s a lot of things people let slide and I don’t think we can let them slide anymore…

I mean, for example, this neighbourhood used to be about all the characters, but now none of those characters can afford to live here. They started the neighbourhood, but I guess that’s the price of development.

Of course, I’m a grumpy old man, haha! We need to put more ‘social’ into society. The economy is here to serve society, not society being here to serve the economy. Yes, it’s an activist paper… I try to keep the public aware.

I tell you, this is a great neighbourhood. Lots of good eating places, lots of great people, really friendly. It’s a good thing and we should fight harder to keep it that way.” Ron, Writer, Publisher, Seller, The Real Calgary Street Paper, Published by The Underground Press.