“It started as a grassroots thing in my living room where I wanted to fill one hundred purses with basic hygiene products for women. I decided to put a post out on Reddit Calgary and Facebook and the response was overwhelming. Within the first week we got over a hundred purses and stuff to fill them with–right now we’re over three hundred.

We planned to have them filled between 1pm and 4pm here at the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association, but by 12:30 we had so many volunteers that we were done by 1pm. In the thirty days we’ve been leading up to this we tripled our goal of 100 purses.

The amount I’ve learned is amazing. I learned how powerful people could be and the amount of people who helped out is outstanding. The idea that people are willing to give without knowing the recipient of the gift– people really are incredible. The amount of support for grassroots ideas like this really is amazing.” Talley, Organizer and Creator of 100 Purses Calgary.