“Basically, this is an annual mega-huge garage sale, run by volunteers and donors with all proceeds going to the Mustard Seed. We’ve raised over $130’000.00 over the years through all the donations and sales.

Mostly thanks to Jim, he hosts this sale on his lawn and people look forward to it every year, asking when they can donate and participate. This year we have the JCI (Junior Chamber International) participating through volunteers. It’s really quite exciting to see everyone come together and help.

What do I like about Sunnyside? I’d have to say my number one favourite thing is how it promotes pedestrian traffic. You rub shoulders with people you know on a daily basis. I also just like how I can walk everywhere. I just came from Market Collective in the East Village and passed by Expo Latino. Yeah, it’s like a small town.”

Christal, Donor Stewardship Coordinator at The Mustard Seed with Jim, host of the Annual garage sale on 5a Street NW.