“‘New Age’ is the re-learning of ancient traditions. New Age Books and Crystals started in the basement of the space we’re currently in, 35 years ago. The owner of that place did so well that she moved into the the old location that the store used to be in, and that’s when my family bought the business. It’s like a dream come true to take over this whole building and combine it into one large space. We’re finally knocking the walls down and making a series of new reading rooms. It’s really exciting to see all this happen.

There’s so much new age and spiritualist places in this neighbourhood. I think it works in balancing the type of energy that comes from down-town. I was thinking of taking the business right out of the neighbourhood because of the huge costs of operation, but I just couldn’t do it. I was born in the Sunnyside Community Housing Co-op, I’ve got roots that run through this community as deep as they go.I feel like Sunnyside is one of the most eclectic neighbourhoods in the city. It’s the antithesis of the concrete jungle across the river there…” Yvan, Owner of New Age. Learn more at