“Happy New Year – 2016 could be a BIG year for The Sunnyside Project.
In the past I have alluded to having some re-development plans for The Sunnyside Project. I am formally starting down this path in 2016 and it is important for me to have dialogue with the immediate neighbours and community. There will be a formal Community Engagement process but I want to start communicating with my Facebook friends.

I realize the important history of the Sunnyside Grocery and the many good memories and therefore want to be transparent with my plans and seek your input at an early stage. Change and managing expectations is tough so I realize that I will not please everyone with my plans but hopefully you will hear me out before you pass judgment on the plans. I have also learned the importance of pursuing passions and that we each have been placed on this earth to do something that only we can do with our unique DNA and life experiences. Through the Sunnyside Project I hope to pursue my passions for architecture/design and reasonably priced housing while facilitating community, supporting urban agriculture, supporting the visual arts and exploring my intrigue with some of the new Green Building technologies.

When I purchased the property, I did not have all of these passions but after meeting people in the community, my mind has been opened to many new ideas and I have been exposed to some of the things (and most importantly people) that make Sunnyside the special place that it is.
Even though I have only owned the property since June 2014, I have had a lot of personal enjoyment with it and it will be sad to move on to the next phase. My dream though is to create something that while different, will be even more beneficial to the residents of Sunnyside in the long-term.” To learn more about this exciting project, visit: